I am the Contributing Editor for Canadian experimental/ avant-garde music magazine Musicworks.  I have written a wide variety of pieces for them spanning reviews to their cover stories.

Here are some links to some online versions of the articles:

An feature on Beirut’s experimental scene (including Mazen Kerbaj, Sharif Sehnaoui, the Al Maslakh label, and Irtijal Festival)

A feature on Tim Hecker (the cover story from Issue #114)

A feature on Colin Stetson (the cover story from Issue #116)

In 2015 I was approached to write an essay for a boxset compiling the recorded works of groundbreaking multimedia collective Intersystems. The set was issued on archival label Alga Marghen. Subsequently I was brought on to write the liners for RVNG Intl‘s reissue of 70’s Canadian group Syrinx.

Canadian publication Exclaim! also featured my work from 2008-2012.  Here are a couple highlights of my stuff for them, as well as a link to all of my prior work that they published.

Where I Play : Gordon Monahan
Gordon Monahan is one of Canada’s most intriguing and varied experimental musicians.  This article describes some of the various contraptions he employs in his work.
Review/ Interview : Charity Chan – Somewhere The Sea And Salt
Chan is a highly accomplished purveyor of inside-the-piano improv.  She does it with a vigour and style that is completely her own. 
Here is my writing for Exclaim! compiled.

I also used to curate the blog End(-)Of(-)World Music featuring a variety of rare music from around the globe as well as commentary on the industry surrounding it.

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