Masada Media’s video for my track “Now Neither One Of Us Is Breaking” created by Matt Pancer in 2015

My own video for “Unexpecting” from Gardens (2014).

Piège’s cover of the Blue Nile’s “The Downtown Lights”.  Video shot and edited by me.

“Meter Runs” by Piège featuring THOMAS. Video by Loading Doc Productions.

An interview I did with Exclaim!, plus some performance excerpts on their office rooftop, August 2011.

An interview I did with in September 2011.

Nick Storring from StudioFeed on Vimeo.

A brief excerpt of a solo performance in 2009.

Picastro performing in NYC in the rain.  Captured in 2007 by Vincent Moon for Blogotheque’s Take Away Shows.

Music video for the song “Hortur” by Picastro.

Collaborating with Toronto-based Son Jarocho (traditional Mexican music) project Café Con Pan, dancer Mayahuel Tecozautla, and poet Christian Campell at Majlis Arts‘ Figure of Speech event in July 2010.

Performing with Aidan Baker’s large ensemble Liminoid at the Music Gallery in October 2008.  Captured by Ayal Senior.  The performance was subsequently released by Alien8 Recordings.

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