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ENDLESS CONJECTURE (Orange Milk Records) launch show.

Yeah, yeah, I know.  Gardens is still technically in pre-order over at Scissor Tail, and I’m already talking about my next album.  Maybe I just feel weird because my last solo thing came out in 2011. The thing is though, … Continue reading

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Screenings for “The Natural State”

Earlier this year I scored a short film of Mikel Guillen’s entitled The Natural State.  The film takes inspiration from the writings of U.G. Krishnamurti (not to be confused with the more famous Jiddu Krishnamurti).  The score was created simply … Continue reading

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Oh … hi! (Updates)

Hello.  Again, I’ve been neglecting this site a bit… Oops.  But I’ve been busy with a few new projects.  Starting some collaborations with experimental filmmakers Eva Kolcze and Mikel Guillen, and working with choreographer Yvonne Ng on one of two … Continue reading

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