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Nick Storring

Untitled (Self-released CD-R/ Digital, 2005)

rife   (Entr’acte CD, 2011)
Gardens (Scissor Tail Editions, CD/Digital 2014)
Endless Conjecture (Orange Milk Records, Cassette/ Digital, 2014)
Exaptations (Notice Recordings, Cassette, Forthcoming 2014)

Compilation appearances
Cache 2004 (Canadian Electroacoustic Community, 2004)
Cache 2005 (Canadian Electroacoustic Community, 2005)
Cache 2008 (Canadian Electroacoustic Community, 2008)
The Finest Tree I Ever Did See (WFMU Fundraiser, 2012)


Solar Valentine EP (Self-released digital download, 2006)

Piège EP (Self-released 3″ CD-R/ Digital, 2009)

Meter Runs  (Self-released digital download, 2011)



Whore Luck (Polyvinyl, 2007)
cello, synth, various instruments, electronics.

Become Secret (Blocks/ Monotreme, 2009)
guest appearance: wind instruments.

Fool, Redeemer (Alien8 Recordings/ Broken Spine Productions, 2011) *split with Nadja
cello, bass, guitars, esraj, synth, flutes.
* Producer of Picastro “side”.

You (Function Records/ Static Clang, 2014)
cello, bass, guitar, vocals (on “February”), additional percussion, synths, mixing.


I HAVE EATEN THE CITY (Self-released CD-R, 2006)
Feral Geography (Self-released CD-R, 2007)
Decay (Self-released CD-R, 2007)
Live At The Music Gallery (Self-released CD-R, 2007)
Secret Paths (Tombed Visions, Cassette, 2014)


Bespoken plays Nick Storring and Daniel Brandes (Heavy Fog/ Divorce, Cassette, 2013)


Gardenia w/ Nick Storring

Ocean Basin (Astral Ra CD-R/ Digital)


Sandro Perri – Tiny Mirrors (Constellation, 2007)
Aidan Baker – Liminoid/ Lifeforms (Alien8 Recordings, 2010)
Gabe Levine – The Long-Spun Thread (2010)
Moneen – The World I Want To Leave Behind (Dine Alone, 2009)
Rhys Chatham – Guitar Trio Is My Life (Radium/ Table of the Elements, 2008)
Laura Barrett – Victory Garden (Paper Bag Records, 2008)
Nadja – Under The Jaguar Sun (Beta-lactam Ring, 2009)
Nadja – Autopergamene (Essence Music, 2010)
John Kameel Farah – Unfolding (Dross:tik, 2009)
Katie Stelmanis (aka Austra) – Believe Me (7″) (Loog/Vice Records, 2009)
Wyrd Visions/ Castlemusic – My Boat/ Voice of God (12″ split) (Blue Fog, 2010)
Café Con Pan – Nuevos Caminos a Santiago (Anona, 2012)


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