COMPOSITIONS (music for performers) .

Since 2009 chamber music and other forms of music scored for performers has become a greater focus of mine.

Here is a current list of works, and, where available, links to performers and archival recordings. Asterisks denote works in progress or works undergoing revision. 

Where scores are available the title of the work links the Canadian Music Centre.

A few of these works will be appearing on a forthcoming album of my work performed by the Thin Edge New Music Collective and guests which will be recorded by Jean Martin.

Adventsvalen (2015-6)* approx. 10 minutes
for: Kate Dillingham and Marija Ilic
instrumentation: cello and piano

Quillow (2015-6) approx. 4 minutes
for: Ensemble Paramirabo
instrumentation: violin, cello, flute, bass clarinet, piano.

Unbeknown (2015) approx. 14 minutes
for: Bespoken
instrumentation: violin, percussion, piano, electric piano, reed organ

Framing (2015) approx. 5 minutes
for: Ilana Waniuk & Suhashini Arulanandam (of Thin Edge New Music Collective)
instrumentation: two violins.

Mysterious Region / Melody of Thought (2015) approx. 7 minutes
for (and co-composed with): The 2014-5 Grade 8 Band, Henry Munro Middle School, Ottawa
commissioned funded by: the Making Music Project, University of Ottawa Faculty of Education

Byland (2013-2015), approx. 24 minutes.
for: Eve Egoyan
commission funded by : Canada Council for the Arts
instrumentation: solo piano

Sketch for an Homage (2014)* approx. 9 minutes
for: Thin Edge New Music Collective
instrumentation: violin, piano, flute, accordion

Spurious Correlations (2014)*
for: Stealth
commissioned funded by: Region of Waterloo Arts Fund.
bass clarinet, percussion.

Stance (2014), approx. 9 minutes.
for: Cecilia Quartet/ Soundstreams Emerging Composer Workshop 2014
instrumentation: string quartet

Ruins (2014), approx. 17 minutes.
for: Musica Reflecta
instrumentation: open

hinting (2013), 12 minutes
for : Emma Blackburn
commission funded by: Norman Burgess Memorial Fund (New Music For Young Musicians)
instrumentation: solo harp.

aigre-douce (2013), approx. 45 minutes.
for: Bespoken
instrumentation: violin, cello, piano, toy piano, autoharp, melodica, percussion, kalimba, bird calls, tuning reeds

hypnic jerk (2012-3), 22 minutes.
for: Arraymusic
commission funded by: Ontario Arts Council commissioning grant.
violin, cello, contrabass, piano, trumpet, clarinet / melodica, percussion.

a destination (2012), 22 minutes
for: The Thin Edge New Music Collective
instrumentation: violin, piano, english horn, marimba, glockenspiel, auxillary harmonicas

stares (2011), 14 minutes.
for: Quatuor Bozzini
instrumentation: string quartet.

exits (2010), 12 minutes.
for: Arraymusic Young Composers’ Workshop
instrumentation: trumpet, piano, percussion

senesce (2009), 12 minutes.
for: the Madawaska String Quartet
instrumentation: string quartet

remember how we used to…? (2003-4), 8 minutes
for: the Wilfrid Laurier University Orchestra Strings
instrumentation: string orchestra

a timid statement (2004), 4 minutes.
instrumentation: two violins


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