Premiere by Eve Egoyan; Vancouver New Music Festival; A Place To Listen

IMG_3665I’m excited to announce that I have a quite a few interesting things going on in the next little bit.

Toronto’s Litmus Theatre has brought me on as a composer/ sound designer for their adaptation of Brave New World. We’re currently only in the workshop phases but there will be a showing on October 16th/ 17th at Collective Space, Unit #5, 221 Sterling Rd, Toronto.

One of my biggest projects over the last few years has been composing a solo piano piece for Eve Egoyan.  Piano for me has always been a daunting medium because the instrument is simultaneously (and paradoxically) so limiting, and so limitless. On one hand it spans an enormous range both pitch-wise and in terms of dynamic but on the other, if you’re sticking mainly to the keys, it’s pretty uniform from a timbre point of view.  I’ve always loved integrating it into my chamber works but I knew it would be a great challenge to create a solo work that I’d feel happy about (especially for such an amazing performer).  After chucking a number of drafts, I’ve arrived at byland, a 24 minute work for piano.  I feel like composing it really gave me a thorough sense on how to use piano harmonies both for pitch and to generate colour.  It”s also expanded my sense about how to compose for a solo instrument, pushing the scope a little larger than my previous solo work. I’m really really happy that Eve has taken it on and I’m really quite proud of the work. She’s debuting the piece at a series of intimate concerts celebrating the release of her new CD, Thought and Desire, consisting of three works by one of my favourite composers, Linda Catlin Smith. These three concerts will take place on October 16-18th at the Small World Music Studio in Artscape Youngsplace. On top of works by Linda and myself, another composer whose work I admire greatly, John Mark Sherlock has a new piece being unveiled as well. For more details and to purchase tickets, please visit this link.

The following week, I am going to be giving my first concert in Vancouver at this years wonderful Vancouver New Music Festival.  My performance ushers in a whole set of amazing concerts at the festival from the likes of crys cole, Rafael Anton Irisarri, Lawrence English and Flux Quartet (playing Feldman’s first String Quartet). It’s a honour to have been invited and I’m really excited to be able spend time in the city and catch up with some wonderful people there (while taking in these amazing concerts). The festival opens October 22nd at VIVO Media Arts (2625 Kaslo Street) with my set, followed by performances by Steve Roden and Ms. cole. Full schedule can be found here.

Directly after I’ll be involved in a concert at Daniel Brandes‘ series A Place To Listen in Victoria. The series focuses on quiet works, often from the Wandelweiser collective of which Brandes is a member. Daniel and I have had an ongoing virtual correspondence but have yet to meet in person.  My group Bespoken has performed two of his works, one of which appeared on our debut recording (we plan to record the other as well).  I find his work both sensuous and exceedingly gentle, a balance that I try to achieve in many of my own pieces.  The concert will consist of works by myself and by him. Followed by a solo performance of mine, a group he has assembled will play my work Ruins and then together, the two of us, we will play his piece With Our Shadows.  This will take place on Monday October 26th at James Bay United Church, 7-9pm. Facebook invitation is here.

Over the next while I will also be collaborating with Greenlight Arts on a new theatre work, filmmaker Aaron Mirkin and a dancer-choreography team comprised of Sudeshna Maulik and Anjali Patil.

A full-length cassette release for my cello duo (with Tilman Lewis) the Knot on Cabin Floor Esoterica, and a solo tape Exaptations on Notice Recordings are both on the horizon.

I’d also like to share the score for a collaboration I’ve been working on with Kathak/modern dancer Deepti Gupta, a dancer who divides her time between Ottawa and Delhi and has been known for her innovative work for sometime.  Her piece is called The Lion’s Roar and was it debuted at the Angikam Seminar in Toronto.


About Nick Storring

Nick Storring is a Toronto based composer, cellist and electronic musician with a wide palette of interests. Awarded the Canadian Music Centre's 2011 Emerging Composer Award, his broken-violin-based electronic piece Artifacts (I) also won first place in the 2008 Jeux de Temps/ Times Play competition for emerging Canadian electroacoustic composers. His chamber music has been performed by the Quatuor Bozzini, Arraymusic, the Madawaska String Quartet, the Esprit Orchestra, and Thin Edge New Music Collective. He also regularly creates incidental music for theatre, film and intermedia projects, including for the MT Space's Last 15 Seconds which toured through Canada and the Middle East, ambient gaming installation "Tentacles" which was presented at MoMA in 2011, and Ingrid Veninger's feature film "The Animal Project" an official selection at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival. Apart from making regular solo appearances, he also plays in Picastro (Polyvinyl Records), I Have Eaten The City and improvising cello duo The Knot with Tilman Lewis. He has collaborated live and in the studio with Nadja, Sandro Perri, Daniel Johnston, Araz Salek, Laura Barrett, Rhys Chatham, Wyrd Visions, Andrew Timar, Castlemusic, Eddie Prevost, Diane Labrosse, and Damo Suzuki (of Can).
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