New piece at AKOUSMA this month!


I’m honoured to announce that a new work of mine is going to be presented at the opening night of Montréal’s excellent and diverse AKOUSMA Festival later this month.

This year marks the festival’s tenth edition, and as per usual, is packed with excellent artists. Among others, this edition features Ben Vida, Loscil, François Bayle, Brunhild Ferrari, and Martin Bédard.

Needless to say I’m quite honoured to be included.

The work which will be presented was a commission by the festival through the Canada Council for the Arts. Like much of my other recent work (mostly Gardens), it avoids the use of a lot of digital signal processing, in favour of a more orchestrational approach, where peculiar textures and timbres are created through miking techniques, blending and various sounding techniques with acoustic and electromechanical instruments.   In fact DSP is relegated only to equalization, some dynamics, and a touch of reverb.

While Gardens‘ soundworld has a more instrumental ensemble quality to it, this work’s gestural and sonic universe bears more resemblance to the concrète lineage but also could be related to the more textural end of the improv spectrum (after all that’s how the work’s being generated) and abstract orchestral music.  Of course, though, being the sentimental person that I am, there are melodies in there too!

The work is tailored to the very rich possibilities of the sound system employed by AKOUSMA at Usine C.

Here’s the information for the October 23rd program.

Hope to see you there!


About Nick Storring

Nick Storring is a Toronto based composer, cellist and electronic musician with a wide palette of interests. Awarded the Canadian Music Centre's 2011 Emerging Composer Award, his broken-violin-based electronic piece Artifacts (I) also won first place in the 2008 Jeux de Temps/ Times Play competition for emerging Canadian electroacoustic composers. His chamber music has been performed by the Quatuor Bozzini, Arraymusic, the Madawaska String Quartet, the Esprit Orchestra, and Thin Edge New Music Collective. He also regularly creates incidental music for theatre, film and intermedia projects, including for the MT Space's Last 15 Seconds which toured through Canada and the Middle East, ambient gaming installation "Tentacles" which was presented at MoMA in 2011, and Ingrid Veninger's feature film "The Animal Project" an official selection at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival. Apart from making regular solo appearances, he also plays in Picastro (Polyvinyl Records), I Have Eaten The City and improvising cello duo The Knot with Tilman Lewis. He has collaborated live and in the studio with Nadja, Sandro Perri, Daniel Johnston, Araz Salek, Laura Barrett, Rhys Chatham, Wyrd Visions, Andrew Timar, Castlemusic, Eddie Prevost, Diane Labrosse, and Damo Suzuki (of Can).
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